Dhow Cruise: Why You Cannot Miss It!


Are you in Dubai on a vacation? With so many beautiful places to visit and so many things to see, are you confused where to go and what to do? Well, you should definitely take a tour of the calm and serene Dubai creek on the dhow cruise. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this tour:

1. Food:

The food served on the dhow cruise is simply mouth watering. With excellent dishes and a wide variety of cuisines, food is definitely something you would enjoy. A lot of traditional Arabian dishes are also served here and you can get the feel of a typical Arabian meal.

2. Entertainment:

Whenever you book yourself on a dhow cruise, make sure you Book a dhow cruise with belly dance. These cruises are high on entertainment and the belly dancers make sure to keep you entertained throughout. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the live singing in various languages.

3. Sightseeing:

Dubai has a beautiful skyline and the creek is surrounded by some exceptionally beautiful buildings. Looking at this emirate from the waters is a different experience altogether. This is especially beautiful in the evening when the buildings are lit with amazing lights.

4. Relax:

Well, the Dubai creek is very peaceful and tranquil. Spending an afternoon on the dhow cruise is the ideal way to relax and be away from all the hustle bustle of the city. Spend a quiet afternoon, enjoying the cool breeze and your loved ones around you. Savour the sumptuous meals served to you and drift away in a world of bliss.

The tour on the dhow cruise will give you memories to cherish for your lifetime. Make sure you carry your camera and capture all the lovely moments in the lenses!

Five Tips For A Perfect Hot Air Balloon Ride


A hot air balloon ride has been fascinating to many. Moreover, it can be an adventure that you’ll cherish for your whole life. Gliding in the air balloon and seeing the sprawling emirate of Dubai from a bird’s eye view is totally mesmerizing. So, if you are planning to purchase a balloon ride Dubai deal, you can use the following tips and make your trip hassle free:

1.Book Early:

Well, it is always advisable that you book yourself early in order to avoid any disappointment later. So, book your Dubai hot air balloon deals as soon as you can.

2.Sleep well:

It is important to get good sleep; you don’t want to groggy and sleepy on the ride. So, it is prudent that you go to bed early so that, you are fresh in the morning.

3.Prepare the Night Before:

Well, it is important to do so because you don’t really want to be in a hurry in the morning. Also, you might forget something behind if you are in a rush. So, it is ideal to sit down a night before your balloon ride and pack whatever you want.

4.Don’t Keep Looking Down:

Well, firstly, accept the fact that you are going to be at a great height. Prepare yourself mentally. Once you are in the air balloon, do not keep looking down; focus your attention straight ahead. This way, even if you are nervous about the heights, you will get adjusted to it.

5.Carry your Camera:

A camera is a must! The view of Dubai is spectacular from up the balloon. You would definitely want to capture the picturesque sights in front of you and keep the memories locked forever!

Use these 5 tips and book your hot air balloon safari in Dubai today! Make the most of this exhilarating experience and enjoy your ride.

Experience Water Wonders in Dubai

iDo you simply love the waters? Well, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without enjoying the water wonders here. Dubai has amazing seas and there are endless possibilities which you can explore when it comes to water sports and other such excursions.

* Fishing Fun:

For those who are fishing enthusiasts, you can simply hire a fishing boat and set out in the azure waters.  There are many tour operators who offer you with excellent packages and discounts. The boats are equipped with all the necessary fishing tools you will require. Enjoy your fishing adventure and be the star of the day after you get a large catch.

* Boat Excursion:

The Dubai creek is a mesmerizing place with excellent sightseeing options. Hence, a boat trip in Dubai is a must! An evening tour is excellent as you can witness the beauty of the well lit skyline of Dubai. The beautiful, calm waters mingled with the sights of amazing architectural wonders like The Chamber of Commerce Building, the ancestral house of Sheikh Zayed and other such extraordinary constructions.

* Jet Skiing Dubai:

Do you love the adrenaline rush? Well, you should definitely go for jet skiing. Dubai is known for the water sport opportunities that it provides. Don’t worry if you are not a trained professional, you will be trained and guided. Also, the security is something you need not be worried about as you are given the proper protection.

With the azure waters splashing at you, the light breeze ruffling your hair, the rich smell of the sea and the sweet sound of the lapping waves, you are surely going to have memories to cherish forever in the Dubai waters.

A Dhow Cruise Birthday for Your Little One


Birthdays are special for every child. To make your kid’s birthday unique and special, change the party’s venue from a regular hotel to an exciting dhow cruise. Well, this is something different from the usual and your child will have a memorable birthday, to cherish all his or her life.

How do you plan?

Well, you know your child’s birth date (obliviously). So, what you need to do is, book your cruise as soon as you decide to have a party like this. It is important to do so, so that you get a plenty of time to decide on the details of the party and you don’t have to go through last minute hassles. Next, you decide on the menu of your party. There is a wide variety of cuisines served on these cruises. Finalizing a menu can be confusing; however, as you know the party involves children, you can pick up their favourite foods. Also, since it is a kiddie’s party, you would want the decorations bright and fancy. Inform the cruise operators about your preferences with the décor and leave the rest to them. The crew and other staff is expert in executing your plans and thus, you just need to guide them with your requirements and be rest assured.

What to expect?

On your child’s favorite day, he will receive a special welcome on the cruise and will be the star of the evening. All the other guests will also be welcomed warmly and will be served with traditional light refreshments and as the party progresses, everyone will be served starters. Next, there will be cake cutting, followed by music and dance. You can also arrange special performances by the belly dancers. There are singers who can specially sing songs dedicated to your sweet pea. As the dinner is served, all the guests can enjoy various mouthwatering delicacies.

Dhow Dinner Cruises Dubai deals in kids’ birthday parties. They have excellent packages and can make your child’s birthday their most unforgettable one. What’s more! They also provide you with the option of online booking dhow cruise Dubai. So, you can simply book the cruise while you go back home or in the office lunch hour. So, plan your child’s most amazing birthday today!

Dhow Cruises: A Perfect Romantic Getaway


So, you are on your honeymoon in Dubai. You have tried the desert safari and water sports and so many other activities. However, what you really look out for now is some solace and a quiet time with your partner. Well, there’s nothing better than a dhow cruise for the same!
Your journey on the cruise begins with a little trip from the banks of the Dubai creek in the Abra, which is essentially a typical wooden row boat that has been a part of Dubai’s tradition forever! Once aboard the cruise, you can simply sit back and enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere around you.

You can simply enjoy a quiet afternoon, relaxing at the deck talking endlessly. If you are looking for something more special, you could book an evening cruise with a lovely candlelight dinner and some amazing food and a bottle of wine. Entertainment in the form of music and dance is also provided on these cruises. You can sing along the karaoke, request for a special song or simply sit back and enjoy the singing of the talented Arabian artists. The view of the city at night is marvelous and you can enjoy the scenic view around you.
You can ask your Dubai tour operator to decorate your dhow in a particular way; balloons, flowers or dim lights, you have a lot of options to consider and make this evening perfect for you and your partner. So ask your Dubai tour operator about the dhow cruise packages and enjoy the mesmerizing experience of cruising over the pristine waters of the Dubai creek.

Spend The Perfect Family Vacation In Dubai

Image,Have you been hunting for a family holiday destination? Well, the most perfect one to visit is Dubai! It is one of the most amazing emirates of UAE. Being the second largest emirate of the country this place is the perfect destination for a family vacation. This emirate has something for everyone.

Dubai has a lot of places and many fun activities that kids can enjoy.  The Atlantis Palm hotel features the ‘Lost Chambers and Aquaventure’, which is an ideal retreat for children. The place has a themed playground, an underwater theatre, an activity play zone, a creation zone and much more. You can also take your little ones to Kidzania, which is a complete city created in the Dubai Mall. Do you want to see your kid’s future? Well, not the exact future, but what Kidzania shows you is how your child will look performing the role of a firefighter, doctor, astronaut or an engineer! It is basically an environment which let’s your child do the role-play.
Ski Dubai is another perfect family place. It is an indoor ski zone where you can enjoy a lot of activities. There’s a special kids’ zone for those little ones who cannot ski. The desert safari is a great family outing that you can enjoy. The desert sunset, barbeque, camel riding, drives in the endless sand dunes are some activities you can enjoy with your family. The shopping malls in Dubai offer you a wide array of things to choose from. The beaches and parks in Dubai are spotlessly clean and very well maintained and you can have little picnics with your kids in these places. Also, there are a lot of sports that you can thoroughly enjoy.

Dubai is a total entertainer and is the ideal place to be with your family. A well planned trip to Dubai is sure to give you memories to be cherished forever!

Dubai Desert Safari: An Enchanting Experience

Your trip to Dubai would be incomplete if you do not take a trip to the deserts. Dubai has one of the most mesmerizing deserts you can ever visit. There are many tour companies which provide you with different packages for your desert safari.

Dubai Desert Safari

To start with, you are picked up in a four wheel drive from your hotel or any other pick up point. As you drive into the deserts you can enjoy the view of the never ending sand dunes. There are many scenic spots where you can halt for capturing the moments in your camera. Dune bashing is one adrenaline rushing activity that is quite famous in the deserts. Completely different a sport, it is highly exciting. You can also visit the camel farms, know how these animals are bred and enjoy your share of camel riding as well. The desert safari provides you with a wide array of entertainment as well. The fire dancers, tanoura dancers and the belly dancers put up a good show that you can enjoy. Also, the barbeque meals at the desert camp are something you cannot simply miss out on. These freshly served delicacies are mouth watering and you will certainly relish the taste all your life. Moreover, you can also enjoy a night stay in the deserts in the overnight desert camps.  A night under the star lit skies is a priceless experience.

A desert safari trip is a must while you tour this emirate. The mystical sand dunes and the calmness of the deserts give you a complete Arabian experience.

Know more about Dubai Desert Safari click here.

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