Ready To Begin A New Chapter Of Your Life At Sea?

What picture comes to your mind after seeing the title?

Wedding heralds the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life. So why not make the special event an unforgettable one? Dhow Dinner Cruise introduces you to its exclusive wedding cruise package. This will definitely make your wedding a blissful fortune!



Nothing matches the awe of beautiful blue marine and a magnificent cruise.

Wedding is the day when two lovers take oath of lifelong love and protection. Why not make the environment super-romantic such that you live your dreams? Something which any girl would wish from her love! What is that? Proclaiming love amidst the blue marine, scenic beauty and jingles of birds! Does this arouse your emotions to the brim? If yes then you cannot miss the Dhow Dinner Cruise’s special wedding package.

Dhow Dinner Cruise: For the Unforgettable Wedding Experience.

• You will receive customized services.

• All the trivia will be taken care of while you spend your time blissfully with your partner

• Whether it is about the most beautiful flowers. Mouth-watering cuisine. Sweets. Drinks. Music. We have everything taken care of.

• Travel to exotic locations of your choice and live your fantasies amidst the blue ocean!

What will eternally remain with you is a memory which you can capture and cherish for your life!

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Read This Before Your First Jet Ski Experience

During the long chilly winters, what can a person dream of? Perhaps to spend time around a warm place surrounded by blue ocean.

OR….Go jet skiing!!

However, if it is going to be your first Jet Ski ride then there are certain things you should know.

1. Don’t go without a life vest


You will be meddling with fluctuating speeds in the Jet Ski around the oceanic waters. Hence, a life vest is a must in case you fall into the water.

2. The driving statistics

The throttle is used to change direction while riding the Jet Ski. It may happen that you’re at speed and want to turn. In this case, continue to apply the gas. The water’s jet will operate the Jet Ski’s propulsion and steering. The force of the jet comes from the hull’s bottle. If the nozzle fails to give sufficient thrust, the vessel won’t turn. If you’re still finding it hard to understand this, consult a professional before riding the Jet Ski.

3. Jet Skis are not equipped with brakes

Jet Skis don’t possess brakes. Hence, if you think they do then you have false notion. Always drive your jet ski with caution especially while travelling around other boats or objects.

Tip: For a smooth halt, simply decrease the speed of your jet ski till it achieves a slow idle. Now shut down the motor. However, be careful as the steering won’t be functional.

4. Practice
Take enough time to learn to operate the watercraft. Also understand the speed of turns, acceleration levels etc.
Important Note: Have a thorough knowledge about state laws with regards to personal watercraft prior to renting one.
Have a joyous and safe ride!

for more information visit our website.

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Travelling to Dubai with Kids? Here is how to keep it fun!

Wild Wadi

Dubai Wild Wadi

It’s wet! It’s wild! It’s Wild Wadi – the wildest waterpark ever!Themed around the tale of Juha, a popular character from Arabian folklore, the waterpark boasts 30 rides and attractions situated within the only themed amusement park in the UAE. Situated between Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.

Sea Wings Dubai

Dubai Sea Wings

See Dubai from top, in an airplane. Our most popular tour, Seawings Silver is a 40 minute excursion providing views of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks including The Palm Jumeirah, The World Islands, Burj Al Arab, Historic Dubai Creek, Dubai Festival City and much more.

Dream Land Aqua Park

Dream Land Aqua Park

Child More Rides, More Slides and More Fun await you at Dreamland Aqua Park. With enough space to accommodate 7,000 visitors per day and activities to get the adrenaline pumping, there’s enough to do to keep you going all day long.

Dhow Cruise

Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner

Sail in the 8.7 mil creek that runs through the international city of Dubai in a dhow, the traditional Arabian sailing vessel. The dhow is decorated beautifully and hosts a range of fun activities: including stand-up comedians, magic shows, belly dancing shows, DJs, and traditional Arabian music. So whether you prefer to savor the delicious food, watch the evening’s entertainment, watch the city go by, chat, or simply sit back and relax, you’re sure to enjoy yourself immensely.

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Sail on a Dhow this Halloween

PicsArt_1414579690823(1)What are your plans for this Halloween? Dressing up in your costume, sending the kids out for trick and treating and going to a bashing Halloween party.

How about doing something a little different this Halloween?

Dubai Creek divides the city of Dubai into two districts, Deira and Bur Dubai. When you sail in a dhow in the “city of lights” you run through the life giving nerve centre of Dubai and catch a close look at the city’s heart and personality. While cruising on this traditionally decorated wooden boat, you will come across to illuminated souks, palaces and heritage village that are reminiscent of the past whereas glittering architecture, high-end buildings and lifestyle centers that symbolizes the growing Dubai city.

Cruising on a traditional Dhow is a mystical experience that will do justice to Halloween night. Not only does it have an aura of mystery and beauty attached to it, it is also a perfect way to unwind after a long week at office.

Dhow Dinner Cruise is all about feeling refreshing breezes coming from Dubai creek, witnessing spectacular sights, relishing delicious food, experiencing cultural entertainment and spending a romantic evening with your loved ones. This is a unique tour and an incredible attraction in Dubai that is not to be missed!

As a special limited time offer on Dhow Dinner Cruises Dubai, you can now avail of 50% discount for a 2 hour Dhow Cruise that includes an International Gourmet Buffet Dinner, Live DJ and a Kids Magic Show. So what are you waiting for? Avail this offer now.

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Water Activities you just cannot Miss in Dubai


Snorkeling allows you to enjoy a myriad of underwater sights without being burdened by heavy underwater diving equipment. As you make your way through at The Atlantis, you come face to face with thousands of species of fishes, ranging from colorful reef fish, sharks and rays.

water skiingWater Skiing

Ride the waves and feel the adrenaline gush through your veins when you water skiing the waters of Dubai. Twist and turn with the waves and feel the rush as the speed boat pulls you ahead. It is just like skiing, only with a splash of water.

bananaBanana Boating

The blue waters of Dubai beckon you and your spirit. Sit on a banana boat with your family and friends and ride off into the waters of Dubai.

dhowcruise -1Dhow Cruise

Explore Dubai the traditional way. Get yourself on a Dhow boat that gives you the feel of the ancient with the amenities of the modern. There are also various entertainment options on the Dhow such as comedians, magic shows and DJs.

Now you can avail of special offers when you book a Dhow cruise. For a limited time only we offer a 50% discount for all our services. Check them out here

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Steal-Worthy Discount on 2 Hour Dubai Dhow Cruise

dubSee the heart of Dubai as you travel through the creek running through the city. And the best part is, you get to do it in a traditional sailing vessel, the Dhow.

We are now offering a 50% discount on all Dhow cruises offered by Dhow Dinner Cruises Dubai, the best Dhow cruise service in Dubai. Spot the breath-taking architecture and the old cities. And do all of this while you sit in the lap of luxury.


All our Dhows are air-conditioned and we are famous amongst our customers for the luxury and choices we offer on our cruises. We invite you to sip on the complimentary traditional Arabic coffee we offer you and let it relax you as the city slowly winds past you.


We also offer several dining options, ranging from Arabic to mouthwatering multinational cuisine. But that is not all! We also offer a multitude of entertainment options that are suitable for you as well as your kids. Sample our entertainment fare: stand-up comedians, magic shows, DJs, classical Arabian music, and much more. What more could one ask for?

So book one of our Dhow cruises Dubai soon and sail in the lap of luxury for two heavenly hours of cruising entertainment. And, you can do it for 50% off now. Book your cruise here.

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A Tour of the Magnificent Burj Al Arab

Magnificent Burj Al Arab Tour

Dhow Dinner cruise has tied up with what is voted as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world that offers unparalleled hospitality and services that are truly world class. The Burj Al Arab is a stunning hotel and the symbol of modern Dubai. The Silhouette of the Burj al Arab is a magnificent structure that encompasses an array of luxury hospitality in the heart of Dubai. An idea that the world admires and the idea that has come to symbolize Dubai

Hospitality evangelists:

You realize the extraordinary grandiosity of the hotel until you see it all by yourself with your own eyes. Time and Again, Burj Al Arab has been voted the world’s most luxurious hotel amongst its contemporaries .The luxuries and the services offered at the Burj Al Arab are unmatched by other hotels in the world. Right from the chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to the food served, everything is world class. Burj Al Arab suite-only accommodation offers discreet check-in within your rooms, a private reception on every floor and a host of personal butlers, Burj al Arab are Hospitality evangelists. The Burj al Arab is touted as the next destination for premium hospitality that will become the center for commercial and private getaways and business deals happening in Dubai. Burj al Arab will soon become a place where the Privileged guests from world over would like to spend their time.

Services and suites at the Burj Al Arab:

With 202 Duplex suites and personalized butler service and a host of facilities offered at international locations. This makes it the most sought after hospitality service in the emirates of Dubai which will continue to set standards for the hospitality industry worldwide. With Swimming pools both indoor and outdoor and with a private beach on the coast of Dubai makes the suite an exclusive one and something you should if you want to experience what is relished by people from around the world. Rejuvenate your body with the oils from the massage at the Talise Spa and sunbathe at the private beach. Helicopter service and luxury car suite is available for people travelling to the airport. Book for a service today

Contact Dhow Dinner Cruise :

The Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai arranges for Stay at the Burj al Arab, for more information contact Dhow Dinner Cruise, Dubai .Price available on request.

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